First time with the paddle

Well, we did it. We tried the paddle that he made, and it hurt!!!! I knew it would, and actually prepared myself for worse than it actually was. It is a deeper pain, instead of a surface burn like the belt or crop. I loved/hated it. I think it is a very good thing to have to use for severe consequences, but definitely not an everyday implement. I am still sore, and he laughed at me this morning, but he cuddled me and massaged me to make me feel better, so I am one happy girl. He says we won’t use it anymore if I can’t handle it, but I have a feeling I can handle it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, we have been busy, but hopefully I will be able to post a story later. I love writing fiction, and it will be a work of fiction, but I may post a true story too, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚


change can be good but also scary

So, sometimes I love change because I get bored with the same ole thing everyday. Then at other times change is scary. Now is one of those times. My hubby decided he is going to make a custom paddle, one that is wooden, thick enough to hurt, but light enough to put a little force behind each swing, and holes on it. I am terrified, but he said he would never hurt me and he would help me build tolerance for it. He said it would be for serious offenses only and we would start out with 2 or 3 swats and go no more than 6 unless I ask to have more. It still makes me nervous but I suppose the other iimplements he has been using have been really mild. I know he would never hurt me, so that is a little comforting as well. Any of you felt a paddle like this before? Am I over fearing this?

Well, I asked for it, again…. but in a totally different way!


Today I really asked for my bottom to be hurting for a couple of days, I was just hanging out at my hubby’s workplace during my lunch break, and a guy walks up and just picks around with me. My hubby and I have an understanding that we aren’t jealous of anyone talking to the other, but to be respectful, we will keep it in a professional manner. I totally messed that up today. I didn’t even realize it, but I was giggling and cutting up with his coworker. It didn’t mean anything and my hubby knows that, but it still is cause for some reiterating of our agreement by use of the belt. I guess I have it coming. I know not to pick around with his coworkers who are guys, because in our relationship, and our agreement that I actually put into place, I could have the privilege to talk taken away, so I better count my blessings with the privileges I do have, and not take advantage of it. Going to go shower and then get the belt whipping I have coming. Hope you all are doing well, and I will keep you updated. He said it was strike three level, which means there isn’t a number of ‘strikes’ involved, it is until he feels I have learned my lesson. So keep me in mind tonight, and hope you all had a great day today!

When I ask for it

I don’t know if any of you ever ask for a spanking session, but I do when I get extremely stressed. It gives me the cry and release I need. Well, I asked for it last night. When hubby and I do the voluntary sessions, things work a little differently. He does a warm up, then he does it really hard with the belt for at least 10 minutes, and if I haven’t stopped him by then, he will get out the crop, hairbrush, or switch. He will go not only till I am crying but until I say our safe word. In these sessions the safeword is usedย more loosely, because it doesn’t mean I cannot take anymore, simply means I have had the release I need. Then he holds me in his arms, rubbing my hair, and let’s me cry. If it is bad enough he will put cream or ice on my sore bottom and rub it to soothe it. I am still a little sore this morning, but my mood is twenty times better. Hope you all have a great day and can’t wait to chat with y’all again ๐Ÿ™‚

new house new us

Well, we are proud owners of a new house and hubby has already said we will work together to keep it immaculate. He also said he got a secluded one for a reason, so I have a feeling things will be much harder in the spanking department. We shall see but I will be busy packing, moving, and unpacking in the next few days so sorry if I don’t get around to posting.

Update as promised


Here is the update that I promised you. I am sitting on a very sore bottom, and just finished cleaning extra hard for two evenings in a row, and I have more to do during the week. He is making it much harder, so that it will teach me. The things that are the hardest are cleaning floors with a toothbrush, and such. I hate doing things like that, but luckily it isn’t too dirty at my house, so it doesn’t take as much time. He said that if I keep it clean this week as he asks, then I will have half duties from now on, and he will help do half as well, but I have to put forth effort. I still always have to have supper ready. He is wanting to start an actual submissive training like they usually do in bdsm, but I am scared, because we just do the submissive wife side of things, not take as far as slave/dominate. He wanted me to ask ideas on here of what to do, or see if anyone knows of a good step-by-step guide? Anyway, hope to keep you all updated, but I am going to go rest in his arms for now. Have a great week!

Be careful what you wish for…


I am learning very quickly that when my hubby accepted letting me work a full time job, I was actually signing up for two full time jobs, because I still have all my things to do at home, and laundry got behind a little because I spent my time after work cuddling with him and watching TV, or cooking and doing dishes, or going to bed really early from being tired. I also thought that today will be my one lazy day, and he didn’t like that at all, so when he gets home, I am probably going to be really sore on my bottom and cleaning while he watches me. I have slipped a little, and he said that I can always not work and stay at home like I used to, but I don’t like not having my own money that I worked for, so hopefully I will get in a routine soon. Hope you all are doing well on this cold day and I will update you tomorrow on what happens, just be thinking about me and hoping it isn’t too bad ๐Ÿ™‚